Sorrento & Amalfi Drive

Tour Code: CP11

Duration: 9 hours

Price: starting from euro 70.00 per person


This tour has been designed for those people who wish to see the splendor of the Campanian Coast with a minimum amount of walking. On the way to Sorrento we shall admire the Dolomitic cliffs, which at many points tower perpendicularly out of the see and have been cut by time into fantastic shapes; the typical villages, which have characterized Sorrento’s peninsula for many centuries; and Mount Vesuvius, the still-active volcano located about 15 miles south-east of Naples, which caused the “death of Pompeii”.

Sorrento is a town which has attracted holiday makers for as long people have been making holidays. It was the home of the sirens, who attempted to lure Ulysses on to the rocks. It is doubtful whether in daylight hours we shall meet any modern sirens, but the town caters with a vengeance for the souvenir-hunting tourist. Specialties include articles of highly polished wood, inlaid with beautiful marquetry.

Our drive will continue south-east along the Amalfi coast, passing Positano, a most picturesque fishing village which has become something of a colony of artists and writers.

Eight centuries ago, Amalfi was a part of the four Maritime Republics that included Venice, Genoa and Pisa. In the main square, we will stop to see the 12th-century cathedral, being its magnificent facade the most impressive feature. You’ll have free time to explore, shopping or relax in an outdoors Cafè.

Then we will proceed via mountain road after which we will reach the motorway for the return drive to Naples.

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