Historic Naples & Archaeological Museum

Duration: 4 hours

Local private multi-language tour guide   

Total price: Euro 280.00

(Entrance fees not included)


The National Archaeological Museum itself is a precious historical heritage. It was founded by the King of Naples, Charles VII in the late XVIII century, to preserve highly valuable artwork collections inherited from his ancestors.

The Museum is also the home of a number of other historical treasures such as the ones founded during excavations of the Ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Prepare yourself to encounter a richness of cultural treasures on this tour. You will see the famous sculptures of the Farnese Bull and Atlas, and the colorful mosaics of the battle between Darius and Alexander.

Soon after we shall walk along the narrow streets of Spacca-Napoli quarter, always full of life and interest. Via Costantinopoli will lead us to the Gesù Church, superbly rich decoration, and wonderfully quiet and colorful cloister of S.Chiara. Now antique stalls and book shops, tiny grocery shops and fruit stalls and, above all, the gesticulating Neapolitans hold our attention as we continue walking.

We will visit the church of” San Lorenzo”, this majestic building dates back to the late 13th century. It contains the tombs of Catherine of Austria, Charles of Durazzo and Robert of Artois. During excavations beneath the church and monastery, Greek and Roman remains came to light.

Proceeding our walk through these charming streets we will then visit the “Cappella San Severo”, very famous for the sculpture of the “Veiled Christ” and the petrified anatomical figures.

Our visit ends in Piazza del Gesù after we have seen the outstanding church of “Gesù Nuovo”, inside we will admire valuable paintings and sculptures, beside the sumptuous decoration of the altar and the side-chapels.

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