Herculaneum & Mt. Vesuvius

Duration: 8 hours

Operated by private van (up to 6 guests)

Total Price: Euro 550.00


Leaving the hotel our eyes will be immediately struck by the grandeur of Castel Nuovo, built in 1282. You will then leave the city via highway and will soon arrive in the city of Herculaneum.

As far as we can tell today, Herculaneum was founded around the 5th century B.C. Mainly a fishing village, it was appreciated for its position overlooking the bay of Naples. Herculaneum became very rich as the Romans who built wonderful villas adorned with magnificent frescoes, mosaics and great sculptures, chose it as a summer resort.

There is undeniably a feeling about Herculaneum which is quite different from what one feels in other ancient world centers brought to light so far, including Pompeii. To a large extent this is due to the special circumstances of its internment by Vesuvius during the eruption of 79 A.D.: the city was not struck by ashes and lapilli, but by a torrent of mud flooding down from the volcano. Having solidified and become tufa-like, it constituted for centuries the best possible defense against atmospheric agents and against illegal excavators. This is the reason for the more intimate atmosphere – compared to Pompeii – that emanates from the houses, shops, baths: wooden elements – foodstuffs, fabrics are preserved intact, thus offering a unique vision of private life in antiquity.

Proceed along the serpentine road to the Mount Vesuvius, the still-active volcano, you will have a wonderful views of the Bay of Naples.

You’ll arrive at a height of about 3.000 feet, from where you have to proceed on foot by a narrow path zigzags up another 1.000 feet. Once on the rim of the crater walls, you shall walk some way around the edge with an official alpine guide to enjoy this natural phenomenon and, of course, a panoramic view which includes Naples and all the bay. Take some paper, there may be a hot spot where you can scrape a small hole, push the paper in and find that it will light automatically.

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