Excavations of Pompeii

Duration: 4 hours

Operated by private sedan or van and English speaking driver

Total price for 2 pax: Euro 280.00

Total Price for 3/4 pax: Euro 320.00

Tour guide supplement: Euro 200.00


Pompeii is possibly the most famous excavation in the world. Here a flourishing civilization, buried for 1,700 years, has been brought to life again, and we can see how the citizens of the greatest empire the world has ever known lived and loved, worked and played, ate and drank and died.

Entering Pompeii by the Sea Gate we are soon in the Agora, surrounded by temples, porticoes and law courts. 20,000 people lived in this provincial town, of whom 2,000 perished in the horrifying eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79. Twenty feet of ashes and pumice stone covered Pompeii, and much of this has been removed during the last 200 years to reveal all the details of everyday life: the wineyards are still set in the counter of the wine shop; the stepping stones are there to help you across the street in the rainy season, and the cobbled streets themselves, for which you need to wear comfortable shoes. The mosaic floors and the brilliant frescoes which so delighted the Pompeians shine forth in all their undiminished glory; the baths and theatres, the wrestling ground and the luxurious villas with their gardens, even plaster casts of the locals at the moment of asphyxiation are there for our inspection. And looming over all is Vesuvius.

This excursion involves a certain amount of walking on cobble-stone streets and stepping over uneven pathways, and low-heeled, comfortable shoes are recommended

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