Mt. Vesuvius & Sorrento

Tour Code: CP10

Duration: 9 hours

Price: Starting from Euro 65.00 per person


Leaving the hotel our eyes will be immediately struck by the grandeur of Castel Nuovo, built in 1282. Your driver will then leave the city via highway and via serpentine road to the Mount Vesuvius, the still-active volcano, where you will have a wonderful views of the Bay of Naples.

You’ll arrive at a height of about 3.000 feet, from where you have to proceed on foot by a narrow path zigzags up another 1.000 feet. Once on the rim of the crater walls, you shall walk some way around the edge with an official alpine guide to enjoy this natural phenomenon and, of course, a panoramic view which includes Naples and all the bay. Take some paper, there may be a hot spot where you can scrape a small hole, push the paper in and find that it will light automatically.

After the Visit of the Mount Vesuvius we drive south to mingle with their descendants in a town which has attracted holidaymakers for as long as people have been making holidays. Sorrento was the home of the Sirens, who attempted to lure Ulysses on to the rocks. It is doubtful whether in daylight hours we shall meet any modern sirens, but the town caters with a vengeance for the souvenir-hunting tourist. Specialties include articles of highly polished wood, inlaid with beautiful marquetry.

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