Positano, Amalfi & Ravello

Duration: 9 hours

Operated by private van (up to 6 guests)

Total Price: Euro 550.00


A full day to explore this legendary region, where once Homer’s Sirens lived. Mountains cut by deep gorges plunge precipitously to the sea, pastel-coloured houses cling precariously to the cliffs, and the serpentine Amalfi Drive uncoils past olive and lemon groves, offering unforgettable views at every turn.

The village of Positano is a picture postcard come to life, a patchwork of flat and domed roofs and vine-covered stairways tumbling down to meet the gentle curve of beach dotted with brightly coloured fishing boats. Enjoy time at leisure to explore this elegant spot with its designer boutiques, shops and seaside cafes.

Proceed this mazing drive to to Amalfi where you’ll visit the cathedral and have some time free for shopping.
Now starts your drive up on the promontory, where perched on a 350 ft high cliff overlooking the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast, is a small village of Ravello, which has preserved its historical monuments through the ages in a natural setting which has few equals in the world. You will admire the Cathedral, founded in 1086 and containing the Ambo and the Pulpit decorated with Byzantine mosaics, such as the bust of Sigilgaita Rufolo and the splendid bronze doors by Barisano da Trani.

Soon after, we will visit “Villa Rufolo” with the garden which inspired Richard Wagner for the magical garden of Kilingsor in the 2nd act of Parsifal, on May 26th 1880.
The return trip will be through the beautiful mountain road of “Valico di Chunzi” with a spectacular view of the Mount Vesuvio.

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