CARUSO PLACE Boutique & Wellness Suites welcomes its guests in a charming atmosphere, in the heart of Naples, a few steps from the Royal Palace and the S. Carlo Theater, in front of the Galleria Umberto I.
The Boutique hotel is located inside the historic XVI Century Berio Palace, designed by (Luigi Vanvitelli 1700/1773) and known to be one of the most famous Neapolitan buildings.

The owners, operators of the tourism and hotel sector have considered all traveler needs, giving life to a design hotel, where the love for tourism, the desire for relaxation and the Neapolitan tradition find a perfect synthesis between classic and modern.

The home offers 10 spacious rooms, including 7 suites equipped with every modern comfort, wellness bathrooms and a cozy lounge where you can relax by the fireplace, cradled by the notes of an ancient Neapolitan melody.

In the location harmoniously coexist refined materials and details of iconic style of Neapolitan taste: the tube radio and the gramophone, seem to have always been witnesses of a message, the musical that goes beyond the borders of nations as well as those who love to travel.
The leitmotiv that led the realization of the project was the story of the Neapolitan song and the name CARUSO PLACE is a tribute to the great tenor Enrico Caruso to whom Naples was the birthplace.

Caruso Place Boutique & Wellness Suites
Via Toledo 256 - 80132 Napoli Tel. 0810108987 - Fax. 0810107778 - Email:
Caruso Place srl
Sede Legale Via Vito Fornari, 4 - 80121 Napoli - P.Iva: 08634701216
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