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CARUSO PLACE is the synthesis of a dream that Manuela, tour guide and hospitality manager, had in the heart:
Give life to a place where her love for the art of hosting could meet with the notes of Neapolitan songs.
Since Manuela was a little child, the dad (collector of antiquities and records) made her listen by the gramophone.

The experience of the husband Adolfo, leading tour operator in Italy, has translated in concrete terms that dream: this is how CARUSO PLACE Boutique & Wellness Suites is born.

BERIO PALACE (Luigi Vanvitelli 1700-1773)

Palazzo Berio is an elegant building located in the heart of Naples, in Via Toledo at number 256 and takes its name from the Marquis Francesco Berio di Salsa, librettist of opera and poet.

It was built in the sixteenth century on a project by Giulio Romano, pupil of Raffaello Sanzio, and commissioned by the Count of Mola, Simone Vaaz, financier of Portuguese origins, at the time president of the Royal Chamber of Sommaria. It was then rebuilt in the second half of the eighteenth century by Carlo Vanvitelli based on drawings by Luigi Vanvitelli. It is embellished in the courtyard by a fountain with a deer’s head. In ancient times it contained a hall for parties with a circular plan of about 1,000 seats and a theater with 1,600 seats on whose structure it is believed that the Augusteo Theater was built by Pier Luigi Nervi.

In 1772 the duke Perrelli of Monasterace sold it to the Genoese patrician Giovan Domenico Berio di Salza. It was during this period, between the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the palace was renowned for its library, among the most important in Naples, and the many works of art contained among which the group of Canova Adone and Venus.

After 1820, the year of the death of the Marquis Giovan Domenico Berio, was divided into several parts by reason of the succession, since he had only daughters who were married to the dukes of Ascoli, the Counts Statella, the Marquis Imperiali and the dukes of San Cesareo.

In 1922 part of the building was demolished to make way for the construction of the Piazzetta Augusteo and the Central Funicular.

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